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Online Guide to Journalism

Journalism refers to the reporting of fact based information to the general public. Journalism can be found in several forms including print reporting in newspapers and magazines as well as broadcast journalism which covers reporting on radio and television. The Internet, has also added a number of additional methods of reporting including online magazines, blogs, newspapers, and other alternative media sources that allow journalist to quickly update new information.

As journalism evolves to keep up with new technologies, it continues to have an important impact on society. Investigative reports, feature stories, editorials, photojournalism, and general articles educate the general public about important issues and provide constantly updated news on natural disasters, political scandals, social issues, and other areas of information. The following resources provide a broad overview of the skills needed in professional journalism with a look at the educational requirements, ethical reporting procedures, and information on various occupational specialties in the field.

Basic Writing Resources

  • Journalism and Journalistic Writing: The Associated Press writing style and other elements of journalistic writing are examined here.
  • Using Evidence: A look at types of evidence used in writing including quotations and how they can be used to convince the reader of your argument.

Basic Grammar and Punctuation

  • Grammar and Punctuation Practice: Quizzes and lessons break down various parts of punctuation and grammar including adjectives, quantifiers, irregular verbs, independent clauses, and apostrophes.
  • Grammar Exercises: Review grammar knowledge through short interactive lessons.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing: A competent journalist has to use correct grammar and punctuation. Use these guides to brush up on grammar basics and improve writing skills.
  • Quirky Grammar: Fix common grammar errors with this online handbook and accompanying quizzes and exercises.

Journalism Career

  • Journalist Careers: Check out the equipment needed to be a journalist and various occupational specialties available, to decide if journalism is a good match for you.
  • News Analysts, Reporters, and Correspondents: This article examines the job outlook for journalist, provides salary details, and examines the training typically required.
  • Reporter: This brief guide defines the type of work that reporters do, education, salary, and future employment outlook.

How To Be A Successful Freelance Journalist

How To Write A Book



History of Journalism

Media Law and Ethics