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We, at OnlineEnglishDegree.com, aim to be the premier resource for students interested in pursuing a degree in english at any level. Our site not only gives you the raw facts and statistics on english, but also personal experiences and advice regarding english education and working as a english professional, all in an effort to provide you with everything you need to decide whether or not studying english is right for you.

Our site is anchored around a complete and honest expert discussion regarding english. Through this dialogue, our resident expert, Harley Jackson, endeavors to methodically and comprehensively answer any and all questions you may have regarding the study of english. He carefully brings light to the issues you should be aware of before you decide to pursue a degree in english. By doing so, Harley Jackson helps ensure that if you decide to study english, you will know exactly what to expect. A Question & Answers database is maintained by Harley Jackson in order to enhance the conversation on english.

We also provide you with an exclusive aptitude quiz to help you determine how suited you are for a career in english. Our test is particularly formulated to help you evaluate your strengths and weakness as they relate to a english education and the attributes necessary for a successful english career.

We also feature over 5 original interviews on our site. These interviews are with english students, english professors and english professionals. These interviews are carefully conducted in order to give you the greatest insight into english education, as well as what a career in english would be like. And we have a particularly helpful video interview with Natalie Knight, a content lead. She shares her personal experiences in order to help you in your pursuit of a english education.

Harley Jackson is an experienced English as a Second Language instructor who earned certification for TESOL and Business English, and has worked for several establishments in South Korea including Minglish, Gachon University, NIPA and SK Planet. He hopes to one day enter the field of elected politics. Harley studied chemistry, physics and mathematics as an undergraduate before earning a graduate degree in public administration and public health.